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The Seeker - a playbook for Wanderhome

The Seeker is a playbook for the fantastic Wanderhome tabletop role-playing game. You are on a quest of learning and knowledge sharing.  The original title of this Playbook was the "Student", to parallel the "Teacher'.  

Knowledge come from many places, and books are no longer enough.  Life lessons are learned out there, in the world, with the Kith of Haeth.  So go forth!  Explore, discover, experiment, and always learn.

You are alive.  You care is questing, questioning, and enthusiastic. 

Wanderhome is copyright of Possum Creek Games Inc. The Seeker is an independent production by Eric Drew and Andrew Aulenback and is not affiliated with Possum Creek Games Inc.  It is published under the Wanderhome Third Party License.

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorEric D
GenreRole Playing
TagsFantasy, playbook, wanderhome


- playbook Seeker.pdf 97 kB


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Students must learn, learn to learn, and unlearn what was learned wrong…